We are an international animal protection organization that focuses primarily on international exchange, networking, and cooperation. As a free and open-minded organization, we aim to help animals in creative and innovative ways, suited to the multi-disciplinary nature of our modern society. We aim to promote a harmonious society for people and animals by spreading knowledge and ideas about coexistence between the environment and humans......
Why do we need to help stray animals?
There are still thousands and thousands of stray animals wandering in various cities in our society today. They are either abandoned by host families or lost. It is difficult to guarantee their safety and life while they multiply rapidly.

The existence of stray animals has also caused many social problems. These include barking and disturbing people, excreting and polluting the urban environment, and some cats and dogs even hurt people. Although there are many protection agencies for abandoned cats and dogs in society, their protection methods and procedures are relatively simple. This is because it takes a lot of workforce and resources to solve the homeless problem of a small number of cats and dogs.

At present, the relevant laws and management regulations of the national government on the protection of stray animals are still not sound enough,the concepts of "reducing abandonment" and "adopting instead of purchasing" also have not been fully and well popularized by the public.

LimDoff realized that the protection of stray animals would be a long-term challenge. As a result, we should bring in more advanced forces and make changes to society. Providing help and resolving related problems for animals is not only imperative for the welfare and well-being of animals but also for the harmony and friendliness of human society as a whole.

What is LimDoff doing?

We are engaging in a variety of online and offline activities, where you can support animal conservation and cultural exchange, or you can join the team in organizing such activities. For more information, please click the button below.