LimDoff is an international stray animal protection organization founded in 2022, our goal is to help and rescue stray animals in a more suitable and efficient way for modern society in China and all around the world. Based on raising the awareness of different groups of people in society for the protection of stray animals, our goal is to tap the potential resources of society and related organizations and develop a brand-new, safer, faster, and more cost-effective way to rescue stray animals in cities through the combination of multiple industries..... We actively participate in the construction of spiritual civilization, carry forward humanitarian ideas, protect and maintain the rights of animals to survive and not be abused, strive to provide new ways to improve the living conditions of small animals, and resolutely oppose any acts and ideas that abuse and harm animals, to advocate the whole society to pay attention to the living conditions of companion animals, and to promote the concept of animal welfare and animal protection.


In the initial stage, we focused on international exchanges, education popularization, community charity activities, online charity lectures, and social media publicity. While expanding LimDoff's social influence and popularity, we will also prepare funds for subsequent larger offline projects. Building “LimDoff Corner" is one of our essential offline projects in the early and mid-term, we are aiming to build a simple, fast and efficient chain of stray animal rescue corners in various cities with the community as a unit. In addition, we will cooperate with other pet industries, independently develop the LimDoff App, improve the online platform, and establish a “LimDoff Corner Net" to more comprehensively improve the stray animal information database. In the mid-to-late stage, we will build the LimDoff own brand, design technological equipment in the form of environmental protection, and further develop products that combine multiple industrial chains, such as online adoption with new technological means, recyclable environmentally friendly food exchange, etc...

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